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Oxygen Concentrator

Attractive minimalistic design that uses up very little space at the patient’s home. Very safe and easy to use.


Noticeably silent functioning.

Easy access controls for patient, protected cannula adaptor.

Block-able flux gage.

Technical Specifications:

Release pressure 8,5 PSIG (58,6KPa)

Oxygen pureness 93{1854856ae7fdb28127de9c87ccd962375231deddb49164496ab48b135d48aaeb} to 1-5lpm(+/-3{1854856ae7fdb28127de9c87ccd962375231deddb49164496ab48b135d48aaeb})

Energy consumption 310W (270W to 2,5 ppm or less)

Size 62,2 cm high x 34,2 wide x product 30,4 Pr(24,5”x13,5x 12”)

Weight 16,3 Kg (36Lbs)


As you can see, it is easy and fast, For more information please contact us via E-mail at drgrimaldo@medicalservicecsl.com

Oxygen Concentrator Rental Requirements

To rent an oxygen concentrator at Medical Service CSL you must follow the next steps.

-Fill out the medical equipment rental form where you commit to return the equipment as you received it.

-leave a deposit (price mentioned in format).

-pay total service fee (mentioned in format).

Oxygen Concentrator Rental

$300 usd (per week)

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