The CPAP Elite II system is the right one to treat obstructive  sleep apnea (OSA) in adult patients. The CPAP S8 Elite II system is designed for hospital and home use.

Functioning Principals and information The S8 Elite II system is designed for clinical and home use and treatment for patients who suffer from Obstructive sleep Apnea(OSA). The S8 Elite II supplies atmosphere air at a fixed positive pressure through a tube that connects to the patient’s  mouth piece. The on going air flow provides kind of “splint” which maintains the top airways open, which prevents its collapse. According to the opening of the top airways. So the beginning of the treatment will be more comfortable, you may configure a ramp period to make pressure start at a low level and gradually increase until it reaches the total pressure of the treatment at the ramp period configured.

Expiratory Pressure Relief

The Expiratory pressure relief (EPR) is designed to keep a  proper CPAP treatment for the patient during inhalation and reduce the pressure provided by the mask during exhale. The result that the (EPR) is searching for is to decrease pressure against which the patient exhales thus resulting in s better treatment.

Technical Specifications

Size (high x with x depth) 112mm x 164mm x 145mm

weight: 1,4 kg

As you can see, it is easy and fast, For more information please contact us via E-mail at drgrimaldo@medicalservicecsl.com

C PAP S8 ELITE II Rental Requirements

To rent an oxygen concentrator at Medical Service CSL you must follow the next steps.

-Fill out the medical equipment rental form where you commit to return the equipment as you received it.

-leave a deposit (price mentioned in format).

-pay total service fee (mentioned in format).


$250 usd (per week)