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Meet Dr. Alejandro Grimaldo

Dr Raúl Alejandro Grimaldo Chávez
Dr Raúl Alejandro Grimaldo Chávez
SEO - Medical Director - MEDICAL SERVICE CSL
Dr. Alejandro Grimaldo has over 15 years experience in medicine practice, He out stands as being a Doctor with great sensibility towards his patients and surroundings, He has in several catastrophes performed community service with no lucrative means as well as medical services to children with terminal illness that go beyond medicinal means He also delivers happiness and ease and a great deal of understanding and willingness to help.


The Del Grosso Family.
I just wanted to send you an update on my mother. We were able to make it safely to San Francisco. She is now in the hospital at UCSF. She is talking and is not in any pain. Although her time remaining is short, I am happy that is able to spend time with her family and friends comfortably. I owe you and the staff there at Hospital de Especialidades a lot of thanks. Without you, my mother would not be alive today. Everyone there did a wonderful job taking care of my mother. The whole ordeal was very difficult for us but with the help of the great people there, it made the experience more manageable for us. Once again a big thank you to everyone there at Hospital de Especialdades. We are forever grateful.
Richard Earl.
I want to thank you again for coming to Hacienda Encantada to help me last week. I really appreciate your prompt response and your professional manner.
I've finally spoken to my mother today. It's only been a week but it seems like a life time. Thank you so much for, well, you. The personal treatment, 'house-calls', kind words and your positive attitude and clearly, gracious bed-side manor. Ever think about relocating to Eugene Oregon? We would all be thrilled to have you there!!!!! I have contacted their doctor in Eugene to let him know what he's in for. How would I get all of the hospital records from your hospital? I know he would like to have them and would benefit from the information. Again, on behalf the entire family, far, far away, gracias!!!!!!!!!!
Phyllis Dwyer.
Let me begin by thanking you once again for your house call at the Hacienda! I have a quick question… I am usually relieved some what of my headache within 24 hours of beginning medication; I am still plagued with this headache. How long would you project before I have some relief from it? Your thoughts are appreciated.
Peter Ford
Dear Dr. Grimaldo. I wish to thank you again for helping me today. I think you are a brilliant doctor and I wish more doctors like you practiced in my hometown. You and your staff were so caring, helpful and encouraging that I cannot even express my gratitude to you all. My brother is a doctor and he told me that I was in very skilled hands today, and he also wants me to tell you how fine your treatment of me was. I am so very grateful. Peter Ford.

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