The unavoidable commitment with ourselves to do things right, it allows us to practice Medicine with honesty, with respect towards life and dignity of our patients.

Medical Attention

Private Medical Service 24 / 7 In case of Emergency and / or general medical consultation, Dental and any specialty according to your needs. Always offering the most discretion, privacy and confidentiality in a very professional way.


Our patient is the focus of our training and this principle will prevail in any relationship or service given to our community by Medical Service CSL. As a tourist destination, We understand how difficult it is to be far from home in harsh situations, therefore We offer the best medical service to your Hotel room, offering the satisfaction of feeling at home during your stay and receive fair and adequate attention in our beautiful city.


In Cabo San Lucas like in many other vacation destinations, patients are often unaware of the quality medical services in this area. This leads to time loss, bad experiences and mostly delayed attention. Therefore, At Medical Service CSL We work with quality service and prompt response, creating a network between Doctors, Pharmacies, Nurses, Paramedics, medical equipment and emergency services to reach each and every patient and give the best attention in order to facilitate a speedy recovery, allowing you to enjoy your quality time during your stay in this beautiful destination.

Who are we?

Medical Service CSL Is formed by Health professionals and prestigious emergency and medical services in different areas, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Nurses, all with more than 10 years of experience in the tourist zone in life risk situations, common illnesses, catastrophes, humanitarian services, large events, work retaliated risk prevention and other he alt related topics.

Medical Service CSL has portable intensive care units that allow us to be ready for our patients whenever and wherever they need them with the most advanced basic and advanced vital support we guarantee overall attention to our patients.

Our Objectives

To provide the best medical attention timely, confidentiality, discretion and efficient on our procedures to guarantee your well-being, applying the highest quality and service standards at your room convenience.